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adouviadouvi Posts: 1
I've been scammed 3 months ago by a platform which claimed to be registered in Texas name MARKLUCAS BITCOIN TRADING COMPANY. He offers me bis service and after collecting $2000 bitcoin from my Wallet he disappeared. All the tentatives for me to be refound my money back are unsucessful. A friend of mine, refer me to this site and I took this opportunity to ask for your assistance in helping me to claim my cash. I believe in your ability to assist others in satisfaction of their request.
Attach to this bellow, evidence of my transfer.


  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 819 mod
    there's not much we can do. Have you alerted your local authorities and Interpol?
  • nkosinkosi Posts: 1

    I like to join u

  • noah89noah89 Posts: 1
    Have you tried contacting the police? I think they are the only ones who can help you out in this situation. I got scammed too for 500 dollars by a fake signal channel on telegram.
  • dioufcardioufcar Posts: 2
    Have you tried to ask how your friend got to know them? I think your friend should be able to help you get them because I don't think it's that easy to get refund of money sent through wallet address.
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