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AM I ready to start a trading career in my own right?

MashuhuriMashuhuri Posts: 11
After spending months learning binary options, now I have had substantial knowledge of trading, and I even have some ideas of strategies. The platform where I trade is Olymp Trade

When mentioning my strategies, I would tell you that my method uses a lot of indicators, such as MAs, MACD, RSI, and zig zag. However, I'm heavily dependent on these strategies. And I can only trade well when the familiar movements of candlesticks appear on the chart, satisfying all the conditions of these strategies.
Otherwise, when the positions of candlesticks and indicators don't meet the requirements of my strategies, I often lose money or need to stay away from trading.
I mean when I follow these strategies firmly, I hardly have a bad result. But when I'm careless, I often lose

That's why my trading result can be very well if I'm patient enough to wait for the chart to meet all the requirements of my strategies. But it will take me a lot of time during a week to do so. And I don't think I can grow my account fast this way.

So, I'd love to hear your opinion of my ability now. Am I not good enough now?

Another difficulty is I don't have good economic support from the people in my family to start my trading career. With $100, I can't grow my account to $10,000 within a month. The more careful, the slower my account grows. The faster I bet, the more possible I lose money

So I think that it'll be wonderful if someone accepts to let me trade for them with a sharing profit of 12 - 17% for me and 88% to 83% for them. But, account managers are often thought to be scammers, even when we mean well. But, that's everything I can brainstorm. On the other hand, it would be dangerous if unluckily, I made them lose some money on the first days

So, I'd also love to hear your advice on how to find a way to start my career
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