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Payment of OCC fee before withdrawal

I would like to ask some questions about as they claim they have bitcoin investments where one will get 5 times the initial investment or even 10 times. They say this happens after 48 hours. I made an investment of around $65 and when I looked at my account it was $3600.69. I wanted to withdraw after 48 hours when I was told that I need to pay OCC fee which was not specified in any of their terms and conditions. I now suspect it might be a scam as I suspected from the beginning hence I didn't want to start big.

They say my withdrawal is more than the maximum of what I should withdraw hence I need to pay that fee. But when I read their terms and conditions they say the maximum payout outstanding its about 30 000 usd /eur and my payout is no where near that amount.

Is this not a scam?


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