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UK CPI 2021-02-17 07:00 GMT

Hey Guys

This data has not produced any good moves for some time, mainly due to Brexit negotiations. However now CPI may be a little more in focus!"
Recent History..
Dec 2020 before the Brexit deal was done, a -0.3 produced no move at all. Check out the attached charts
Jan 2021 after the Brexit deal, a +0.1 deviation did manage to get a small market reaction. Check out the attached charts
Trade Plan ..
I think that its worth trading with slippage control of 3 pips on GBPUSD, in the event of a +-0.3 deviation on CPI (YoY), as long as the other CPI lines don't conflict! If I trigger would hope to see at least 10 pips within the first 1 min.

Thats my plan, Thanks James


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