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Anyone else get scammed by like I did for $5100.00? After only 3 weeks they are now asking for the IBPC Certificate to access the 250 grand they allegedly earned for me....LOL... You know there is a cost and I will never see the money again...Amazing how this can happen... Is there any recommendations as to who to report this too? Thanks.


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    sammyteesammytee Posts: 1
    I did as well and then account exec disappears and when asking about my receiving my profits from customer service I keep getting run around
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    TripleTTripleT Posts: 1

    Yes, I got scammed too by PrimeTrader247. I got scammed for $19,700 to receive a huge profits of $76,000 but they wanted $25,000 for an IBPC certificate more to release the profits. They contact me every day to ask when will I pay. Then I meet an investigator that says pay him $5000 and he can get me my investment back. But I don’t trust giving anymore money. Have you heard of an investigator getting your money back? Any thoughts?

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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    total scam
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