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I have an extremely profitable system. There's only 1 problem......

blackjack521blackjack521 Posts: 2
So I've been able to double a account in just a couple of days. Extensive backtests shows low drawdown. This is not martingale, it's a proven system that I created from scratch. The only problem is I need to do it on this broker because of their "tick" contracts and high payout percentage. Why can't I? I'm a U.S. resident. Does anyone have any advice or able to help me out?


  • kortniekortnie Posts: 5
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  • kortniekortnie Posts: 5
    By the way, I found this service for b2b lead generation.
  • nikkiscynikkiscy Posts: 4
    how do you know that is profitable since you are not able to use it?
  • blackjack521blackjack521 Posts: 2
    nikkiscy said:

    how do you know that is profitable since you are not able to use it?

    I have been trading it on their demo account using a VPN. I've been able to create a gaming account but now I can't deposit anything because they only offer 2 deposit options and neither of them are working for me. Paysafecard and credit card.
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