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sharecoinoptions scam?

amn05amn05 Posts: 3
edited September 2021 in Brokers

anyone have experience with sharecoinoptions?

i get in contact with norbert doris on insta. i invest $500, then she suggest me to upgrade my account , i refused. then she deposit $1000 on behalf of me,, even she cleared half of my payment to get IbPc certificate and to obtain IMT code. now she reply me once within three or four days as she saying her daughter is hospitalised. still i have access of my trading account but they are asking me to pay brokerage fee to withdrawal profit. if i ask them to refund my money they said i need to pay $225 to get refund form,, i wasted around $5500 in it. i also chat with her testimonials which mentioned in her profile and they said it is not a fraud..

is it a scam? please somebody help me...


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