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How should I make my own trading strategy?

I started binary trading a couple months ago and I really haven’t made much progression, I’ve watched tons of videos on the best strategies and none worked. I’ve tried to make my own strategy but it only works like a couple times then it’s all loses after that. Anyone know how I can make my own strategy and perfect it?


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    paulsypaulsy Posts: 10
    Pretty much like every trader at the beginning of their journey to becoming a successful trader, I've at some point wondered the style or type of trading that is most profitable for making a living with this career. And after spending so much time on the search to find which one is most profitable, here's what I've come to realize;

    "There’s certainly no such thing as the most profitable style or type of trading. It all depends on the type that we decide to be most comfortable with us as we play the long game, considering a number of factors i.e. Our trading objectives, our personality traits and the available time we have to trade the market".

    Smart investment, timing, and patience are the three most important qualities when it comes to Forex trading. The combination of these three qualities has the potential to take your account from Zero to Hero in the shortest period of time.
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    OnezypherOnezypher Posts: 5
    How do you invest with certainty

    1. Stick your circle of competence
    2. Simple Stocks works best
    3. Laser beam focus will generate results
    4. Think with clarity
    5. Invest where you see bargains
    6. Take your time
    7. Invest in Assets that pay off long term
    8. Ignore News & Media
    9. Find what sales cheap relative to value
    10. Leave your emotions at the door
    11. Simplify the process
    12. Mimic experts

    These are the 12 outstanding facts that you can follow while making your trading strategy. Onezypher
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