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alleged mrs catherine jackson our brooker or account manager

i meet her at instagram and i was convinced to invest in trendmax options through with her and im putting my $8,000usd she added $4,000 usd to to complete my investment plan in the total of $12,000usd which is im not aware that i to put $500usd weekly and never discuss it with me and i was almost give up from that irregularities but by the convincing power of catherine i was able to continue and she promise to add $4000 to my trade and they will do the trading in one month period from July 20,2021 till august 20,2021 when my was due and they show to me the profit amount gaining on my trade i was empress is more than quadrupled my investment then they asked me to deposit $10,000 usd. to upgrade fast withdrawal access to my account so i did it after thay they asked to deposit encryption or authorization of my withdrawal $2,500ao that i access the withdrawal so i comply then they asked gain VAT FEE of $3,800usdso just to hope that i can withdraw my money i comply again after that they asked more and they said this is last and final same day deposit same day we can withdraw our money but they didn’t happen the i r we received an email again to deposit so that we can get money after thw deposit done authentication $2900usd i there started shaking my nerve and i got irregular sleep at night our investment is getting our debts and loans as well but we are still hoping to get it by complying their demands and we expect that would be our deposit and we withdraw our money but like as usual deposit again their deposit but i told them FU we are nothing at all they ask $5,500 for trade projection but still the money wased

but stilly was money remain as there hostage


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