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Hello everyone, my name is Anthony. I live in Canada, and sadly, Canada has made it illegal for binary options brokers to offer their services to Canadians, leaving a grey area, where Canadians can trade with unregulated brokers. The problem is that unregulated brokers are known to scam their traders.
I've recently been scammed by (I invested $800, turned it into $9200, then when I tried to place a withdrawal, they blocked my account, and offered to give me back my deposit, but not the profits I made).

I was wondering if there is any legal (or grey area) way to be able to trade with a regulated broker, and avoid being scammed again. I've been brainstorming ways to do this, such as asking if anyone would be willing to rent me a closet space or garage space or something, so I can have a mailing address in a country where binary options are regulated.

Am I way off side by asking something like this? Or are there any other ideas that can possibly work for me, where I don't have to move from Canada, but still be able to trade with a regulated broker by having a mailing address (or something along those lines) in a Country where Binary Options are regulated.

I really like trading Binaries, and it would be my dream to be able to become a full time binary options trader. Any responses will be greatly appriciated.

Regards, and Happy Holidays!


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