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How do you feel about cryptocurrency trading?

Hello. How do you feel about cryptocurrency trading? Is it worth investing in it at all?


  • The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    yes, but carefully, and only buy when the market is down, way down, else you will spend a lot of your time in the red
  • paulsypaulsy Posts: 10
    Cryptocurrency trading has seen meteoric growth and made a profound impact on global financial markets in recent years. If you’re a crypto newbie, investing in crypto CFDs can be a perfect start for you. CFD investing is a financial derivative through which traders can speculate on short-term price movements in the financial markets including forex, shares, commodities, and indices without having to buy any underlying assets.
  • Jeffrey85Jeffrey85 Posts: 1
    "People can use cryptocurrency to buy and sell things. It is an electronic or virtual currency that can buy and sell items. It works like regular money, except it doesn't have a physical form backed by cryptography. A central bank or government does not control cryptocurrencies. The only way for new bitcoins to be made they get paid with bitcoins. When the supply of bitcoins runs out at 21 million, they will not be able to be made again."
  • kate271991kate271991 Posts: 11
    You can bring profit if you have skills and knowledge.
  • kate271991kate271991 Posts: 11
    Sometimes! But my experience with crypto was ok!
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