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I must admit, I joined this form ( looking to prove or disprove the legitimacy of a few, yes, a few, trading platforms I got involved with. It went down like this. Platform number 1 reached out to me at just the right time when I needed to find a way to make some money following a divorce. She explained everything, I thought I asked all the right questions and I got involved. Once discussion of withdrawal came to play that's when I needed $16,000 HG (high grip) keys to withdrawal. Explanation was, this is to make the withdrawal secure. Not having that much money sitting around I was stuck, but here comes platform number 2. Lower initial investment, shorter period to withdrawal, but no HG keys needed for withdrawal. Perfect! Within days the profits out perform the size of my account and I need to upgrade the account, which I do. About this time platform number 3 comes along but this time finds both my friend and I, about two or three days apart. After talking and realizing we were talking to the same person we decide to ask questions of her from two different sides, comparing notes, and she always came up with the answers we wanted to hear. This platform ran into a problem when my friend and I tired to withdrawal and we were informed that the account manager traded our account on the same "node". I paid for my withdrawal but that got held up because my friend must pay his withdrawal before I get mine, all because of this node issue.

Now here I am, about $23,000 into these three platforms and all three need just one more payment for something. The price of the HG keys for platform 1 just went up in price and I have to pay another $5000. Platform number 2 got my withdrawal fee but demanded the credentials to my Coinbase wallet to verify my identity. When I refused that they said the other option is to pay another $1000; really, WTF does that do for ID verification. Platform number 3 is waiting for my friend to pay his $3600 withdrawal fee, which he doesn't have and probably never will.

I'm so thankful, yet upset, that I found this forum. Thankful because I know the right answer for all three platform: don't send them any more money. But here is where I am now: has anyone successfully found a way to recover money from these scams? I looked for and found companies that investigate these types of scams and claim to have high-90% success rates. But when I talked to one on the phone the feeling of "scam" was all over me. First it was I have to pay $600 just for the investigation. This is nonrefundable whether they can trace where the BTC went or not. Then, provided the BTC was sold and turned into cash, they can proceed with recovery. Then there's a 10% successful recovery fee for whatever they can return. As I said, this just doesn't feel right either. Does anyone have a success story for recovery of scammed money from these platforms?
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