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I was contacted by Isabella Lucas, through Instagram, who is an account manager at Trade Live Options. Very convincing approach to explaining how her company works. Claims to have been working here for several years and manages to convince me this is for real and can make a significant amount of money with just a $500 investment. I should note that with English as her second language communication is more along the lines of interpretation and clarification of what was said; it's not easy. The investing period was supposed to be 7 days for a profit of about $12,000 and about day 4 she messages me to look at my account and it was up to $25,000. Exciting because I don't know how that happened, but I'll take it, right? Well that unexpected over performance exceeding the size of my account and it needed a $2000 upgrade to hold it all. OK, sounds good, I was sold. But wait, there's more. Being they trade and mine, they use secure keys to withdrawal, that was another $2000 and this time I pushed back on the unexpected expenses and I left the investment and profits sit a few weeks. After about three weeks I get a message, good news, the admin decided to approve the withdrawal, no mention of the keys, so I didn't bring it up. I just needed to send another $1000 of BTC for the withdrawal. Why not? There's $50,000 sitting there now. I send them the requested bank information to send my money, the withdrawal is being processed I was told. About 15 minutes later another text message, good news, the company is doing a bonanza, as she told me, and is going to double your profits for this withdrawal, you just need to drop us your digital wallet credentials so we can verify your identity. Outside the sinking feeling that I'd never see the profits or my investment I felt trapped that they asked for credentials I, and the rest of the world know, not to share. I pushed back on this very hard and a few days later the company manager by the name of Christian emails me to say they understand my position and concerns, so I can send another $1000 and they're withdrawal without the wallet credentials. So wait. Another $1000 will satisfy your need to verify my identity? WTF? Christian even offered to talk to me via a WhatsApp call, which I did, and he's even harder to understand on the phone that Isabella is to on just text. They're finally down to an ultimatum of, pay the $1000 or you lose everything. The pressure is very intense as Isabella texts all the time to find out if/when I'm sending the money and to remind me I'm about to lose everything and it's my choice to do that.

Is this normal? This doesn't feel like a normal business approach. I even offered to forfeit the profits and just take my investment back, but that doesn't seem to be an option. If this is a legitimate business, it seems like the simple request of returning my investment should be taken care of promptly. Does anyone have experience with this happening? What about other experiences with the Trade Live Options platform, the account manager Isabella Lucas and a company manager of Christian?
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