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Pocket Option versus Qutex

I have both of them open in the same time and they show different grafics for the same pair. Which one is the scamer?


  • Bogdan_GBogdan_G Posts: 34 mod
    It's normal for different brokers to have different prices.
  • DragOOneDDragOOneD Posts: 4
    how is this normal? Is just one price for the pair as far as I understand
  • Bogdan_GBogdan_G Posts: 34 mod
    Different liquidity providers = different prices. If you dont believe me just go to TradingView and open a BTC/USD chart from Bitstamp and one of the same asset from Bitfinex. You will see the difference. Is Tradingview a scam? Or Bitfinex? Or Bitstamp?
    Even if we are talking about fiat pairs, differences can still exist because the foreign exchange (FX) market is NOT centralized. In other words, there is not 1 big location where everything happens and where 1 unique price is set. It's a network of computers, banks, liquidity providers, different channels all over the globe. Hence the difference in price.
  • kate271991kate271991 Posts: 11
    I will go for Pocket Option
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