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There should be a positive reason for living

Ennybee43Ennybee43 Posts: 1

A lady Facebook page name Susan Kikelomo who claimed to be an account manager at 'Binary investment company' is currently scamming and duping unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned money. She tricks you into investing a sum of money for an investment package, after a long time of going incommunicado later comes to demand that you pay for transaction fee knowing you are already financially committed. She will then go offline, comes back with another reason why you need to upgrade as the system is rejecting your reregistration to a better package she suggested to you herself. After a while again says it's better you register for VIP. At the end intending that you progressively cough out over 250k..

I wonder why someone will wake up to think of nothing else but scam another fellow of his fund.


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