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Will Bitcoin Price Undergo a Bullish Trend Reversal after Christmas?

Bitcoin price has been intriguing all through the year 2022 as it went through several halving events relative to price. The price remains to find new lows with the revival of a fresh bearish trend. Subsequently, popular analysts believe that the star crypto can rebound and trigger a bull run very soon.

Bitcoin is heading toward crucial resistance close to $17,000. Therefore, if the price is required to slice $16,900 then only the bullish continuation can be predicted. With a quick upswing, the possibility of a bullish near past $17,300 may be pretty feasible.

The Bitcoin price prediction for 2023 earlier by coinpedia was $43,959.19 (highest value BTC can reach) for 2023. In contrast, the price could sink to a low of $23,218.00. But considering the changes after FTX crisis if Bitcoin breaks the $16,900 barrier, it might have a strong rally.
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