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Algorithmic development of various types of trading strategies

We are a Canadian family office with a long and successful history in the hedge fund business. Currently, we are looking for new trading strategies that a trader has successfully traded manually in the past, that could be more efficiently executed if programmed into an automated algorithm.
We have a team of experienced algorithmic programmers on board. We are open to any type of assets that are trading on a major exchange: equities, bonds, futures, commodities, options, cryptocurrencies or other.
What do we offer: Full automation of your trading strategy:
• We can program the strategy to generate trading signals as well as to execute them automatically (opening and closing of orders, position sizing, risk management).
• We will extensively backtest your strategy and provide you with a profitability and drawdown expectancy
• We will live paper trade the strategy to test it in the current market conditions.
• If desired, the strategy can also be backtested and paper traded on other assets where applicable.
• Additionally, once the strategy has been proven successful, we would be interested to provide real funds to trade the strategy. However, this is only if you are interested in it. If that is not the case, then the developed output is patented and legally yours to use.
For more details please contact us via email at: Please kindly provide a short description of the strategy as well as track record data.


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