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let's take a look at VeChain to see if it reaches the $1 mark and what crypto experts say about it.

roseberryroseberry Posts: 15
VET could have a maximum price of $0.0312 by the end of 2023
VeChain with a potential surge could go as high as $0.202 by the end of 2030

Check Top Experts Detailed VeChain price prediction on Coinpedia


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    Bogdan_GBogdan_G Posts: 39 mod
    So you open a discussion titled let's see "what crypto experts say about it" and then ask forum readers to go someplace else to see "what crypto experts say about it". That's roughly a dialogue starter and more like advertising your source. And you are doing that over and over again (you and AgamGil).

    Please note that we encourage dialogue.
    If you have something to say, say it. If you have an opinion, back it up: why do you think VET "could have a maximum price of $0.0312 by the end of 2023"? And don't tell me to go to your source to see why.
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