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SHIBArmy Petitions Binance To List Shibaswap (BONE)

Shiba Inu Army has asked Binance to market a cryptocurrency asset that will serve as the platform's governance token when it launches its planned decentralised finance (DeFi) system.

The SHIB army has launched a new petition on requesting that Bone ShibaSwap (BONE), the network's utility token, be listed on the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world by volume.

- The petition titled "Kindly request of Binance to list Bone Token on its exchange.
- It is important to note that 916 individuals have already signed the petition, which wants to persuade Binance to become the first traditional brokerage.
- According to the petition, BONE is a governance token for the Shibaswap ecosystem that would enable the ShibaArmy to vote on future ideas.
- There are 250 million BONE tokens in circulation overall, according to the petition's contents.

Bullish Shibarium Upgrade
The Shibarium Network did not provide any upgrades to assist a SHIB breakout. Buyer interest was still being stimulated, nevertheless, by investor sentiment on the Shibarium upgrade. SHIB would be well-positioned for further adoption if burn rates rose, transactions moved more quickly, and transaction fees dropped.

What Lies Ahead For SHIB’s Price in 2023?
Despite this, it is interesting to see how a cryptocurrency that began as a meme has gained more and more attention. Even though Shiba Inu's price does not now reflect these changes, this tendency solidifies the cryptocurrency's presence on the market. In just one month, the price of Shiba Inus increased by almost 50%. The meme currency could rise above $0.017 if Shiba price maintains its position above $0.011. The Shiba Inu Game, DAO, and NFTs are all initiatives that could give the Shiba Price more momentum and push it above the aim of $0.0000259, according to Coinpedia.
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