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El Salvador is opening Bitcoin Embassy in Austin, Texas!

AdamGilAdamGil Posts: 15
According to a tweet from El Salvador’s Ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, a meeting took place between her, other representatives of El Salvador and the Deputy Secretary of the Government of Texas, Joe Esparza. They have plan of opening the world’s second Bitcoin Embassy in Austin, Texas!

The Texas government has recently been openly pro-Bitcoin, and this is another step towards its involvement in the sector.

To sum up
The number of Bitcoin embassies are increasing around the world now. Consequently, the cryptocurrency sector is advancing, changing, and expanding daily. We therefore require locations like the Bitcoin embassy in order to comprehend new trends, interact with specialists in real life, and keep up with the pace.

Today, Bitcoin is trading at $22,156 and the top of the Ichimoku cloud is at roughly $43,000 per coin. If history repeats – and the cryptocurrency is currently three for three once the bottom was in – then Bitcoin price according to coinpedia could reach the target in a matter of months. A steady rise in volumes could push the bitcoin price prediction for 2023 to $43,959.19.
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