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Almost scammed through an app called "Bstor" from a website ending in ".top"

kjlangloiskjlanglois Posts: 1
Just as a warning to those who are contacted through instant messaging to try out binary options trading using an app that cannot be downloaded from the app-store. If it comes from a website ending in ".top", it's a domain based in China that has only existed since 2014. This particular app called "Bstor", it appears, allows certain traders to direct the actions of the website operators. It must be a new app because there isn't much out there on discussion boards about this one. Deposits only by direct wire transfer (to make it faster) are requested and money easily flows into the crypto fund, but money does not flow out or sometimes ever - based on the whims of the website operators and the trader who directed you to the site. They use as an intermediary app (which is legitimate) to convert USDC to USDT. Then, the USDT is transferred to an external wallet which may or may not be a secure wallet (hard to tell). Website operators have to intervene every time USDT goes into or out of the special USDT wallet issued by the website. It's very scary and likely used to scam $$ when the balances get high enough. The only way I escaped is to suggest "I'd like to move the small amount I have deposited out of the fund completely to make sure I understand the withdrawal process". Even then it was delayed by over 24 hours. I personally believe that I was allowed to do this only because they were assured I had ten times that amount ready to invest once I proved the whole system from deposit to withdrawal back to my bank account. This website has very good advice for new binary options traders and should be followed religiously. I appreciate that this forum exists.


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