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Market prices in 60 seconds binary options (bitcoin)

AndrewBworthAndrewBworth Posts: 1
I got introduced to 60 second binary options about 2 months ago, I was told that it was technical analysis that helped you pick the right option, long or short. I've been trading on Huobi; I've got my position down to only $70 now, I invested almost everything somewhere else. The thing is, on settlement, I get a transaction value for the underlying asset, the bitcoin, and it's usually my strike price, plus or minus just a few cents. I have found no way of finding this price for myself, it can seem to only be accessed by making a trade and getting the result. I asked the company, where do these prices come from, they said "market price", and the market is secret?? I say this can't be right, where do the conclusive "market prices" come from in seconds binary option trading?
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