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What is a stochastic indicator?

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A stochastic indicator is a technical analysis tool used in the field of stock trading and investing. It helps traders and analysts assess the momentum and potential turning points in the price of a financial instrument, such as a stock, currency pair, or commodity. The stochastic indicator is based on the idea that as an asset's price moves, it tends to close near its high when it's in an uptrend and near its low when it's in a downtrend. Here's how the stochastic indicator works:
Overbought and Oversold Levels:The stochastic indicator typically includes overbought and oversold levels, usually set at 80 and 20, respectively. When the %K line crosses above the 80 level, it's considered overbought, indicating a potential selling opportunity. Conversely, when the %K line crosses below the 20 level, it's considered oversold, signaling a potential buying opportunity.
The stochastic indicator helps traders identify potential buying or selling opportunities, as well as potential reversals in the price trend. However, like all technical indicators, it should be used in conjunction with other analysis tools and not relied upon in isolation. It's important to consider the broader market context and combine the stochastic indicator with other technical and fundamental analysis to make informed trading decisions
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