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What is the three black crows pattern?

The "Three Black Crows" is a bearish candlestick pattern in technical analysis that is used to identify potential reversals in a financial market. This pattern is typically observed in stock, forex, or commodity charts and is characterized by a series of three long and bearish (downward) candlesticks. Here's how the pattern is identified:image
First Candlestick: The first candlestick in the pattern is a long bearish candle, indicating strong selling pressure. It opens near the high of the period and closes near the low.
Second Candlestick: The second candlestick follows the first one and is also long and bearish. It opens near the high of the previous candlestick and closes near the low. It continues the downward momentum.
Third Candlestick: The third candlestick is again long and bearish, continuing the established trend. It opens near the high of the second candlestick and closes near its low. This candlestick signals a strong bearish sentiment.
The "Three Black Crows" pattern suggests a shift from a previous uptrend to a potential downtrend. It reflects a period of sustained selling pressure and indicates that bears (sellers) have taken control of the market. Traders often consider this pattern as a warning sign that the current bullish trend may be coming to an end, and a bearish reversal may be imminent.
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