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What is copy trading?


imageCopy trading is a financial practice where less experienced investors or traders replicate the trades or investment strategies of more experienced or successful traders, often referred to as "Providers." It involves mimicking these expert traders' actions, either manually or automatically, in one's own trading account. This allows individuals to potentially benefit from the expertise and performance of established traders, aiming to achieve similar investment results or improve their own trading success by following proven strategies and actions.

Provider: The provider, often an experienced or successful trader, executes trades and develops investment strategies. Their trading activities are made visible on a platform, allowing other users to view their performance, strategies, and historical trades.

Follower: The follower, typically a less experienced trader or investor, observes the performance and strategies of providers. They have the option to replicate the provider's trades automatically or manually in their own trading accounts. This replication can be based on specific criteria, such as trade size, risk level, or asset type.
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