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Have anyone trade with a chinese website?

terazteraz Posts: 5
I cannot remember the name of the broker. But it's a nicely done up platform from clicking on their pages. Language options available, otherwise, I would not have stayed for a while... Any feedbacks/ suggestions on the brokers' URL?

BTW, off the topic of Chinese broker, I wanna comment that, I got off one of the regulated broker platform, because they were manipulating my trades. Initially, I thought was a misunderstanding, but then I look at my brother's price level vs mine... (Feeling a little "forgiving" that day, I've decided to blame it on the internet speed, my ultrabook, and latest OS, with additional RAM, & what not) What pierced me was the printshot I've taken as evidences VS their explanations backed up with bogus end day asset's level. END DAY ASSET's LEVEL is published on newspaper ALL over the world, I think they have forgotten that.

But anyway, peace and I just leave.

p.s. i will not name the broker, i shared this because i hope you guys will keep a tradebook? or something to track ur assets level... do not rely on their records. and it might be a good idea to have bloomberg on your TV while trading...
2-cents' worth.

Sign off.


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