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Miami Vice will be playing next week!

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I will spend time showing how Miami Vice works next week in my room. This system I created for a trader that was going to spend $50 for a system that they could get for free lol. It is from the internet marketer Cyntia, she is known to fill the net with spam systems for n00bs. I created Miami Vice to be better quality then hers but its the same type of trade ideology. My system is the jpg below as you will notice its far far more pretty if nothing else plus some features make it smoother with better price action visualization attributes. I think these women spot an easy opportunity with their free time to become signal providers or sell systems but in reality they are not traders more likely just bored house wives lol. This one posted a message about having emotional issues because her dog had skin cancer or some shit like that on twitter when somebody asked for real live account statements, of course she never provided anything more then screen shots lol. Psych of a scammer watch out for people like this unless they can show you realtime trades as they happen or before with something like screen share, then they are just 100% full of crap. You can find the FREE copy of Miami Vice on the link below!

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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    Do you suffer from some kind of OCD Dorothy? You comment on everything on multiple sites with pointless blurbs? So I am going to guess OCD!
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