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Watch Wholesale Price Manipulation Live |

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Watch Wholesale Price Manipulation Live |

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    SilentlearnerSilentlearner Posts: 4
    Hi Lotz of Botz,
    I have read all your posts and saw all the videos. I am really amazed to see how you trade. I mean you are the BOSS. You can tell exactly at what time you will take a trade and the exact exit time and also the direction of the trade !! I mean how is it possible ?? How do you figure our the exact entry and exit time ? Is it possible to share the strategy with us ?? Is there any way to contact you ? Or can you please give me a knock on my e-mail.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    It's all just mathematics applied to price/time. The banks use on many different levels the same math but they hire on average people a few levels below me, so what I do is take the aggregate of the systems that I believe the institutional traders use and quantitatively calculate future institutional buy/sell times that orders should have the highest effect. As an outsider I can effectively give myself an edge by doing this. Its pretty boring stuff really most of my day is spent staring at numerous spreadsheets and trying to correlate the activity to a synchronistic flow of price/time. I am glad you like my videos! You can always reach me @ - I do take time to respond often due to a large fan base of which I have no clue why people like me so much... So if i do not respond in a timely manner I apologize ahead of time...
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