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Hello - is it okay to discuss new indicators I have written which prompt when to trade?

I just joined the Forum and was not sure what the rules/regulations were about posting new content/info which included reference to a web site.

For two years I have worked on writing new indicators to tell me when to safely place winning trades when trading binary options and have had great success. I thought that this info and the indicators could/would be of interest to some members who were looking for help/prompts/signals when to trade and I wanted to ask if and how I can share it as I do not want to break any rules of the forum.

I was keen to get feedback on my new software and also give members an opportunity to try it out to see if I was just being lucky with it or if indeed it was as good as it has been for me so far.

I see that the Forum rules suggest sending an email first before posting certain content so could you be so kind as to advise me what email address I should use to do this, please. Thanks very much.

I appreciate your time, help, advice and guidance.

Yours sincerely



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    charlie101charlie101 Posts: 2
    I didn't hear back from anyone to the contrary to my request to post information for discussion on the subject of new indicators I have written that prompt when to place safe, winning trades with Binary Options with currency pair trading, indices, stocks and commodities; so I hope it is okay to post and I apologise if my assumptions on this are incorrect.

    Over the passed two years I have been extremely annoyed at the rubbish, missleading claims of 'software' and 'systems' that are being promoted that claim to win loads of $$$$ when trading binary options. I have tried them all and all were rubbish and were just out to earn from the commissions made from promoting their Broker affiliate signups! The software/system was just a lure and did not work.

    I am from a software development background for 34 years and decided to attempt the challenge of writing decent working software to see if it was indeed possible to predict movements in market prices that enabled safe winning trading oportunity.....with ANY Broker.

    After a couple of years dedicated to the task I now know that it is possible and I have written the software and provided the software/solution for anyone who wishes to use it.

    I use it everyday and I continue to use it everyday and it is safe, reliable and accurate at predicting when to place winning trades.
    Since the final version I have used it successfully for many months now and have shared it with some others I know in the industry who have also had excellent success with it (many 100%) .....including traders from Credit-Suisse Investment Bank.

    I set up a web site with everything needed to use the software and be succesful at trading Binary Options as I wish to kill off and put out of 'business' these other scammy sites that exist and which just rip us all off with their sh#t offerings and promises.

    You can see the web site (....and the many winning live trade videos I recorded, if you want to see proof) and you can use/try the software and the free live chart streams running the software for free here -

    To anyone one who is interested: I want to enable traders to get access to software that will kill off the scam sites .....and at the same time get our own back on the banks who have lost/wasted our money on fraudulant/risky/miss-managed trading when we banked/invest our hard earned money with them.

    My software works and I am passionalte about it and proud if it. Please feel free to use/try it and you can use exactly what I and the others I mentioned above have been using to win at trading binary options, FOREX, commodities, stocks and indices it will please me immensely to know more people are smarter than the Bankers and are killing/pissing off the scam sites who send us a million emails every week saying that they offer this.....but do not and cannot!

    I hope this helps you find something by way of software and a solution/system/strategy to help you win your trades.

    Best regards

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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    As long as the content is educational based and you have examples of live trades I don't mind really. Its when people offer no end benefit to the user that I mind. So feel free of course live video examples of real time trades are more useful then product pages.
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    AbujaAbuja Posts: 1
    If you are the one that develope the software for 60 second binary option trading and hope that it can make people money and no more repaint when in use while trading sure it will be in great demand. Try to teach the users on how to use it is of great benefit to you in the future. keep it on.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2014
    I can develop systems all day long for fun, but they are just ways to interface with the market they don't equal trading. Real trading takes work and screen time. People looking for magic formulas that make winning trades all the time with no work required or even better it will trade for you... LoL yer a n00b and all I can say ahead of time is THANK YOU for the money. People that chase the markets and systems and instant profits are called SUCKERs. If you fit this description go to the store and buy a ---> CLUE<--- Happy Easter!
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    BinaryCarlBinaryCarl Posts: 2
    I have made contact with this company through their website and after a response back, have decided to give it a try. I will let you know how it goes, I have a really good feeling about it but have had in the past about others and been disappointed, hopefully this will be different.
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    xalksxxalksx Posts: 100
    Found this thread ..Can someone give me there feedback on this ..From a professional point of view ...Im not looking for any get rich fast $hit ...But am looking for somewhere to start ,i no the fella who made this is making changes etc ..And from my view has some good indicators ..Is this what platform everyone starts on ..I no i sound a total nOOb but just looking for something to work from ..I no there are lots of "buy me i will make you millions schemes" but i guess what im asking is where did all yous guys start ? ..Im going threw as much videos as possible , between lotz funny ones to bryans educational ones ..I just want something to work on , with this i did find it did lag ,but the indicators did help ..What are the basic starting kit lol ..mt4 platform and indicators ? then just get the head down watching charts ..As i have watched charts for days on end hoping to gain information ..I will start joining the live room more often and see what yous are all doing but any information would be great :smiley:
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