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    suckedintoosuckedintoo Posts: 2
    Well I guess I lost my $3k US to then. It dawned on me yesterday; how can they just throw bonus money at people? If they had that kind of money they wouldn't need clients like us. I wish I had found this site 2 months ago, would have saved myself a handful of cash. I'm going to try that link, that was left on an earlier blog here.
    Best of luck to us all
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    suckedintoosuckedintoo Posts: 2
    Ya now I know what they're using. It's simulated! They just deposit your money into their personal accounts and show you a simulated account, complete with real live market data. It's genius, MFCSers.
    I'm a new, hopefully, up and coming author. Support my new novel "Cause N' Effect" on FB and I pledge to all of you I will make it my mission to expose these guys and try to get our money back.
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    dylanHdylanH Posts: 1
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