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edited May 2014 in General Review | is a new signal service provider making the same claims as the rest. After years of fruitless trial and error Roger Pierce has come up with a TOP Secret, revolutionary, next generation trading and signal service that is recession proof, crash proof and fool proof, requiring no experience.

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    bo123bo123 Posts: 1
    I can comment as someone who has used this system recently (and taken advantage of their 60 day money back guarantee!).

    Signing up gives access to a website that shows the signals, both 1 minute and 15 minute signals. The 1 minute signals I didn't bother with as they recommend using the 15min signals. My results showed no benefit to using the 15 min signals, in fact more often than not you could use them as a signal to do the opposite!

    They also offer 'upgrades' for extra money, to 'even more accurate signals', which I didn't take advantage of. During the initial sign up process you are offered these upgrades for a price that starts at over $200 dollars, and then once you have said no, comes down to around $60, which despite being described as the last chance to buy them at that price, they are available at that price again once you log into the system.

    After seeing the system was of no use, I asked for my money back. After a few emails where they tried to offer me free upgrades, and say that 91% of their customers were in profit (not sure how they would know) they finally accepted my request and I got my money back after a day or two.

    They do try and get you to open an account with a specific broker (can't remember which one) and also tried a trick by promising a free download of some other signals software, which turns out to be a sign up to another broker, and you don't get any software to download.

    All in all it was an interesting exercise, and as I got my money back it didn't cost me anything, but my opinion is they should be avoided.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2014
    I agree they are a "ONE HIT WONDER SCAM" All of them work the same way no experience no knowledge needed all want you to sign up with their affiliated broker and offer up-sells with SECRET FORMULAS for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! CRASH/RECESSION PROOF! You can make a MILLION DOLLARS in under 60 seconds! With their hard luck story and how they turned it around all of these are produced to illicit a EMOTIONAL RESPONSE from you. Same thing with Casinos or Lotto, but the general desperate SHEEP they are after could hardly count on all their fingers and toes much rather understand basic concepts of statistics. Listen to me very carefully "TRADING TAKES TIME AND SKILL" its a long slow road as with anything good it requires talent and experience to do well so the newbie who thinks they can make a million dollars from a few hundred bucks or the stay at home mom that is not getting any ____ so wants some extra income need not apply thank you very much!
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    MarkTimmerMarkTimmer Posts: 2
    I don't completely agree with this review. I have been testing the signal service for a week now and there are some very good things to report.

    First of all... I cannot imagine anybody that reads this site really believes that there is a way of donating some money and getting rich afterwards without doing anything. So also with this signal service (that is how you should see it, not as a robot) you have to judge and act according to your own assessment.

    In my own system, i will evaluate each signal to a few standard instruments:
    - The stochastic oscillator must be between 80-100 or 0-20, The williams% is ok and the RSI is in the 'act' zones.
    - For the rest the market should be reasonably predictable with a gap between the +2/-2 bollingers of 4-10 pips, no more and no less and the oscillators and price development should be in phase
    - That I combine with my gutfeeling about trends, history, other currencies etc.
    - With this i can be quiet sure of a uptrend or downtrend the short term (>70% winratio in my own 'system' in the first trade in a serie - see below).
    - When i see the trend I work in a serie of max four trades in a row in a kind of martingale, which gives me a win ratio of >>95% (the serie, so max i accept a loss in 5% of the series, but a pretty accumulated loss, so to have a good day of trading, i need in general around 120 usefull signals)

    The thing is, to make some money, i spend my days scanning the different currency pairs, so i will definitly benefit from a signal system that gives me the signals that are more or less usefull. The preselection of ABS of sending signals, is partly similar to my 'own' system, they use the volatility combined with RSI and trend. So my productivity grew with at least 30-40%.

    And to be honest ABS absolutely gives that. The number of signals is good and the accuracy that something usefull is happening is really high. I gues like 90-95 %. Only by exception i got signals that were useless.

    Like with any system, if you stop using your brain, it fails of course. Especially in the binaries, timing is too important for that and you get signals with a timing accuracy of just a few minutes (not the pro, that is predicting the waves). But to give the right handles to get to usefull action, it really works out fine.

    What i dont like either is the typical clickbank approach with the 'do not leave this screen' popups and so. But apart from that (it is a pitty they chose that chanel) the quality and quantity of the signals are certainly not bad!

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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2014
    I think this says it best and to you my friend listen carefully "GET A PHUCKING CLUE YOU ABSOLUTE DOLT!!!" Here I think this site said it best about ABS - Though I think Micheal Freeman is a SCAMMER as he promotes things like OptionBot 2.0 because he gets a $400 CPA from them and other signal services with BS %s at least this review makes sense. Nothing FREE about FREEMAN... LoL. Know the difference from real traders that do this for a living vs marketers that don't know ___ about trading...
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