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    MarkTimmerMarkTimmer Posts: 2
    After some bad experiences, i was looking for a new binaries broker. I am slowly stepping out of normal Forex towards binaries, it is more my kind of beer, but i am amazed to see how the brokers in this market are, compared to Forex. As the bad experiences were with highly recomended brokers, i tried, not so well known without very convincing reviews.

    In the chat i was suprised about all the knowledge Emily had and the quick and complete answers she could provide me with. Of course i asked for the withdrawal time and she stated clearly (in writen language) that is was 48 business hours for processing, si it would be in my account within 5 - 7 business days.

    I had more questions about the availability of the services and currencies and it all seemed very much ok. She claimed that turbo's were allways available and that they were not taken out when volatility becomes too high (the moments that most people make their profits).

    So, real good answers for all of my questions. For the - i am dutch - major question, the welcome bonus, Emily had to consult Mike, the account manager. Mike was determined not to let me walk before the weekend (friday 5.30 pm) and with typical mediterranian market negotation techniques we found our way to come to business. For me a good deal, for him too, otherwise he wouldnt have closed it.

    Besides this, what i really fell for was the platform, similar i saw it with and Besides the higher bonus i liked the fresh colors of brakerage more, more easy to look at and work with. EZtrader had a return of 70% on 60 sec turbo's while brokerage has 76% (and believe me accumulated, that is much money). Optionbit had the same payout, but a.o. a withdrawal processing time of up to 14 days....And as i am a simple trader that never exactly knows when he needs the money and doesnt have any motivation to become a bank, that was out of the question for me.

    So, a good first impression, fine deal and monday i start working with it. I will keep you all posted.
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