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chirag352chirag352 Posts: 12
Guys anyone knows about ?

Please share your thoughts about it.


  • optiononeoptionone Posts: 36
    It's a BO Broker powered by hotforex regulated. It offers demo system so I think you can try without any cost.
  • usokusok Posts: 16
    yeah, i believe hotforex does have a good reputation and to have optiontrade under pressure to perform as good can be a good thing.
  • optiononeoptionone Posts: 36
    how's about your trading, chirag352?
  • fotulisfotulis Posts: 4
    I have real account since 3 months and everything is ok. First you try demo account and take free webinars.
  • usokusok Posts: 16
    been too focused with forex lately. will be back on track hopefully by june
  • optiononeoptionone Posts: 36
    Option trading is much more simple than Forex.
  • fotulisfotulis Posts: 4
    I'm agree. Usually I trade on mobile platform without any technical analysis.
  • fxanywherefxanywhere Posts: 18
    edited June 2015
    Anybody attended Optiontrade's Webinar? Want to attend some quality course on Bollinger bands trading and they offer exactly what I need.
    Worth to try?
    Your replies are appreciated.
  • joda1joda1 Posts: 1
    I've opened account in OptionTrade because I trade on forex in HotForex. good broker, but I need to more learn
  • fotulisfotulis Posts: 4
    I have real account and everything is ok. Great execution and education section for begginers.
  • optiononeoptionone Posts: 36
    I have checked several binary brokers and the majors's payout of optiontrade were good.
  • Buffet77Buffet77 Posts: 1
    I think binary options are better than forex (before i trade on forex). I work with OptionTrade and i see lots of advantages compared to others. They have many nice options, for example social trading, their own signals. Only a few brokers offer what they do.
  • lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2015
    Can you tell me how OptionTrade is connected to Poland? Is the main company run from there? I see a very detailed pattern here. When 50% of the IPs that are saying how great of a broker they are all come from the same location.. Its a bit telling don't you think?
  • usokusok Posts: 16
    that made me think a bit, why poland? kinda weird :) things are getting busy anyway, holiday season is coming, then again by the end of november the market becomes dead.
  • dear123dear123 Posts: 83
    optionone said:

    Option trading is much more simple than Forex.

    Yes binary option trading is easier than forex however earning money through trading, either its forex or binary, is not that easy if you ignore the rules. If you want to earn money through trading, it requires you to be patient and go with minimal amounts in start by taking calculated risks.

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