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Binary Options Trading at Boss Capital for June 23, 2014

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imageBinary Options Trading at Boss Capital for June 23, 2014 |

The EUR/USD was in a downtrend for Monday morning. It made about a forty-pip down move, spanning three pivot levels. (Also, before I move on I should say that I don’t have any idea what that solid yellow line is doing on my chart.

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    Dennis189Dennis189 Posts: 1
    Hi Mifune,

    Nice trading. I really like your way of thinking/trading.

    The yellow line is the day's open level.
    You can delete the line at settings.

    Kind regards,

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    mifunemifune Posts: 160 ✭✭
    Hi Dennis,

    Thank you for letting me know regarding why plots that line. I did go into settings and unchecked the "show yesterday's close" box to delete it. I have a very minimalist perspective when it comes to indicators (too much junk on the chart can bog down my brain) so I definitely don't care to have it on there. Thanks again.
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