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Trading Axis 2 Year Anniversary Sale / Summer indi Pack

BryanMacBryanMac Posts: 851 ✭✭✭
Hard to believe but Trading Axis has hit 2 years live, so i wanted to take the time to thank all my members new and old. You all have become like a 2nd family to me and actually make trading on a day to day basis a lot more fun.

As any existing member knows trading TA during the summer is boring and some days will offer slim pickings to put it nicely. For the summer I have come out with a summer indi pack so if your not in the Skype room please hit me up so i can send them over to you and point you towards the video instructions. (Big ty to Neo and Gert for helping out with the coding and the math in the indis, and thanks for the group for forward testing and filling out the boring ass spreadsheets.

TA3 will be out in September the final version with book, summer trading kind of put a halt on polishing it up. I will still be supporting MT4/TA2 also.

And last I am running a 2 year Anniversary sale on Trading Axis so it will be $75.00 off the normal price.

If you want more info please feel free to hit me up. As for ITM/OTM % of the system I prefer to just add you to the room so you can speak to members about there individual results plus you can hang out and see if its for you (its not for everyone), yea i know speaking to people using the system before you buy kinda novel huh?

My #1 goal with TA was to try and stop people from buying into scam systems, and to provide a friendly group environment to learn how to trade BO's in so I do try and keep everything in a transparent manner and like to talk to people before they join, and have them talk with current members so you understand what you are in for.

So again big thank you to everyone for putting up with me over the last 2 years god knows I can get pissy when I don't have coffee. And I hope to see you all around in the future even if its just to stop by and say hi.
Bryan Mcafee
Hit me up on skype at Brymcafee (McAllen TX)
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