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Don't Use the MACD Indicator Until You Read This |

SystemSystem Posts: 164 admin
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imageDon't Use the MACD Indicator Until You Read This |

The MACD has lots of uses, and one of them is divergence - one of the most misunderstood technical signals there is. Don't trade divergence until you read this.

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    mifunemifune Posts: 160 ✭✭
    Good post and good lesson. I'm not a MACD guy at all, but many do try to use it as a trading signal when the crossover occurs along with another technical indicator (or more than one) -- e.g., like if the parabolic SAR flips at the same time.

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge on this topic.
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    Forgot to upload charts for this one. Have been put in now, so article should be a bit more clear with some chart examples.
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    TripackTripack Posts: 28
    Can't agree more here. Divergence is a great tool, but it's just a tool, nice post.
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