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LotzofBotz Axis & ALGO trades done in the LIVE CHAT next week from 8am to 11am est

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Next week I will come in the LIVE CHAT and show you how I combine my ALGOs with a system like Bryan's Trading Axis to gain high probability trade entries. You can watch the trades as I make them LIVE real time not after the fact and you can see how I will call the trade even before it happens due to my magic crystal ball operated by Miss Cleo of the psychic friends network from my trading room closet where I keep her... I use my ALGOs and market depth to filter out setups that i see using a mean reversion method like Axis for entry signals thus giving me an above average win rate in combination with systems like trading Axis..


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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    Somebody sent me a good question in email "The answer is ---> NO <--- and are not for sale, not part of any charting program, they are strictly number crunching quant probabilities through a spreadsheet." I can use them with any system or trading method. During the week I will use them with trading Axis because Bryan is a good trader and I generally refer people to him for learning to trade. I have no desire to sell them to anybody. I believe banks have similar technology because of how accurately the movement tracks to the expectation often, but again nothing is the holy grail and its just another way to gain the edge in profitability which is job #1 for a trader. Trading is a job, day in and day out. Most will be unable to do this and fail because the focus and discipline required. Once the newbie figures this out 95% of them will run for the doors lol. Again if you want to watch me trade live on cam and see what setups look like you should find it educational and hey its FREE!!! So become a binary options millionaire and join today!

    "Please Note that I am not a signal provider. I am too busy trading for a living but I do give a bit of my time here and there helping those interested in learning to do this for a living at my convenience only."

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