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Hi, I'm David from Antioch - Northern, CA

DoutdoorDoutdoor Posts: 3

I just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself. I have been trading primarily stocks and some options for a few years on and off. I haven't really gotten serious about making the commitment to trade full time as a business until now. When the financial crisis hit back in 2008, my job as a construction manager in retail development vaporized in March of 2009. That's when I started getting interested in trading the stock market for profit so I took a program in technical analysis from Trade Smart University. It was really good education and I learned a lot, but in the end I made the mistake of trying to trade live too fast without knowing what I was doing, being overly impatient and not disciplined. You know...common traits of a bad trader being stupid and blowing up his account, and continuing to make bad decisions over and over. Probably the hardest thing is convincing my wife that I can be successful trading when I've been miserably unsuccessful at it so far.

I've learned a tremendous amount of valuable information already from this site. I think the most valuable education is what you learn from others who have had and are having success. I've also learned that every trader has his/her own style within the context of a good trading system. My goal right now is to be able to attain the necessary level of discipline and focus to get to where I want to be, and to network and learn as much as I can about Binary Options.



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