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New to Options Trading & Query Regarding Company Traders

stevecstevec Posts: 4
Hi all, will keep this short and sweet. I've had an account with LBinary for about a year. I recently decided to dispense with the account management services of my LBinary trader (Senior Analyst at LBinary) and trade for myself. I sent the trader an email thanking him for his help and informing him that I no longer wished him to trade my account. I then changed the password on my account. About a month later I tried to log into my account but found that the password had been reset. When I finally accessed my account I found that someone had accessed my account without my permission and placed a very large trade. The trader in question admitted to making the trade. My question is has anyone else had a similar experience and how do I get rid of this guy?




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    What you can do is buy a ticket to Israel go to the office where Lbinary is out of and deal with the broker directly. I think some of these guys feel protected behind their computers would be funny if they had to deal with a customer face to face... If you do please take pictures of the guys face, because I am sure it would be priceless... Also file this case on Forex Peace Army it gives them bad publicity which hurts their business...
  • stevecstevec Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice!
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