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Volume And Trading, Not To Be Discounted

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imageVolume And Trading, Not To Be Discounted |

Trade volume is an often overlooked indicator that can have a huge impact on your trading success.

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    longtimenoclongtimenoc Posts: 1
    Stocks or Forex instruments can go a long long way on low volume. I agree it would not be a long lasting move, but if you are already in the trade and you think that the move does not matter because it is only low volume you can end up seriously out of pocket.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    Very true that is why you have these things called STOPS and having a plan ahead of time as to what you will RISK/LOSE on a trade instead of adding to losers and hoping dreaming of a reversal. I am sure the guys in the 108 area who added to their losing trades now that the USD/YEN is up 400 pips from there in just over a day are drinking the weekend away with any money leftover from their BLOWN trading accounts LoL... Man I am such an AHOLE!

    "BTW you can thank "Goldman Sachs" for that move as they made a mint off the 112 calls they had friday ;)"
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