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Scammer on Instagram Ryan_Rutherford_fx

shutter40shutter40 Posts: 1
Instagram user Ryan_Rutherford_fx with over 13K fake followers who claims to be an Expert Trader scammed me.

He asks you to choose an investment capital with a list of profits suggesting you will make about 700% in 5 days. You send him Bitcoin and some of your personal details so he can open a trade account on your behalf. He then sends you a link to the trading website with your password. The trading website is littered with poor grammar/ fake testimonials. The website is (created 2 months ago) .

You watch your balance "grow" every day to over 20x your initial investment in a few days. The trade account doesn't show any trades, just your fake balance and a BTC/USD chart.

On day 4 he asks for another $5000 to "upgrade your account in order to get more profit than your silver level account". This extra payment will also unlock your "profits".

You have no way to withdraw your money.

Have confirmed he copied all his profile photos from another user on Instagram.


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