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Hello everyone my name is Nick K. I'm a 54 year old trader from Amelia Island Florida. I have 30 plus years of trading experience, I can remember back being with my dad as he hand charted daily and weekly high low closes on old light blue John Magee logarithmic charting paper, if I remember he was taking quotes out of the newspaper on around 120 stocks ever day. Wow if he could see what is possible today. I am semi retired, my primary instruments are equities (swing & position) and my passion are the e-mini's YM & ES. I was first introduced to Binary Options some years ago by a friend who showed me a fun way to bet football with a company called Trade Sports out of Ireland, we had a lot of fun trading 10 contracts on our favorite college or pro games. I noticed on there platform they traded some financial index's. gold and EUR/USD, my interest was peaked, I did some research on these options and developed a strategy to exploit the underlying index the Dow, S&P via the mini futures contract correlated to the intra day closes of the Binary Options and specific strikes prices. The strategy also incorporated a proprietary tool I have developed called (Dimensional Support & Resistance) combined with multi time frame analysis proves to be very powerful combination in the trade decision process. By choice my trading career has been solitary, I'm from Boston but have lived here on this North East Florida barrier island for 19 years, I love the life style, the fishing and kiting. I have never traded Binary Options other than my recreational sports bets nor do I intend to, but I am interested in learning about modern day Binary Option trading and Binary Option traders and the challenges they face. In addition to my trading career I have been an investor and or a developer of several non trading related business's. I'm now fascinated with Social Media as a medium for commerce and all the niche start up's that are filling functional gaps. In conclusion I'm looking forward to contributing, I have never publicly demonstrated the effectiveness of Dimensional Support & Resistance and also, I'm looking forward to learning from traders in the Binary option arena. Thanks Kindly~ Nick K


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