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Hello Everyone, I am Bijay Prasad. I withdraw amount from olypm trade . I withdraw $12 from olymp trade on 04/05/2020. And I got in my Bank on 06.05.2020 (DD/MM/YYYY) The Amount I got only $2 (148.87). I withdraw $15 from olymp trade on 12/05/2020. And I got in my Bank on 14.05.2020 (DD/MM/YYYY) The Amount I got only $5 (371.76). Still I haven’t get my $20. I send around 15 mail to olyptrade support. But every time I got the same reply . They give me ARN number and they said they will send me in 4 part ($2,$10,$5,$10)and said that check in your bank . I already went to bank and ask about this bank said to me check your bank statement. If amount comes then it show in your bank statement. Now my question is when I withdraw at one time $12 Then why you send me in 2 part one is $2 and second is $10 . Again the same thing happens with $15. Again you said you send me in 2 part . One is $5 and second is $10. I got small amount which is $2 and $5 within 5 days. Why $20 not got it ? Is this not strange. That i got small amount and not got bigger amount . [ If anyone withdraw $97 then you will send in 10 part ] Why they send me in 2 part $12 ($2 And $10) $15 ($5 And $10) This happened in my last Two withdraw. I didn’t check my previous Withdraw. Maybe it’s also happened in my previous withdraw. I attach my bank statement pic. Please help me. Thank You  Bijay Prasad (Image)


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