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has anyone been scammed by Ea Tradingoptions.com first ,,,, andd has anyoneone hear of Trusted Spots....is hetrust worthy.... i having trouble getting my profit out of him at trusted spots his name is Hemraj Chauhan first he only wanted 10% nothing else,,,,,,then for me to get a payout in 7 days i had to pay 15% to ea tradingoption.com of the profit....ok then after that i had to pay the trader Trusted spots..10% of the profit after all of that now he still will not pay out the profit of 7500usd to me unless i pay 10% more for the software...i havnt paid that because i feel i being scammed and he promise after i pay that he will send my pay out... i need help what to do i paidout to get around 2000.00 aud so far do i pay the last payment or not to find out if he pays me...scary


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