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Hello everybody, I have to confess I never used platforms like this before and that is the reason why I am very exited of the type of exchage I am going to have here. I cannot say that I am an expert in trading, I am mainly a person who started to trade Binary Options 5 years ago with ups and downs but overall with success and most importantly with a lot of learning. That is why one day I decided to create a web page to share those learnings about binary options and other ways to make money from home I have succesfully tried. I have seen lot of web pages dedicated to binary options, and I can tell you my website is different, because it is written by a regular person, a Binary Options user, and not a so-colled "expert". Please have a look a let me know your opinion. http://incomewithbinaryoptions.com or my site en Español http://spanish.incomewithbinaryoptions.com Thanks


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