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    Feel free to start a thread in the signal services forum and let us know how it works, we are all curious.
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    Okane said:

    Hi guys, I'm Pamela. I'd like to stay connected with people who are trading to be able to know which companies are legitimate and which might be very high risk. I recently invested with 2 companies and it's been a really bad experience. Is this a good platform to discuss? Please share details of any companies that you don't trust. I am still investigating one of my investments myself, but I have been able to confirm that Arbi-trade is a scam. I can't get hold of anyone and can't even get onto the website anymore.

    Hey, don't trade with "no-name" brokers. Get a regulated and well-known broker like 24Option.
    Go to the main page here and check out the reviews and compare but always pick a regulated one.
    I think most people here are either with IQOption, Ayrex or 24Option. I use 24Option but have students over at
    IQ and Ayrex.

    Thanks for your response Okane.
    I feel that I've learned a lot this week about Binary Options. I consulted with legal services and learned more about how I was scammed and where I went wrong with both of the companies I was trading with. I lost a lot of money to Arbi-trade and Skyline Markets but I have opened a case against both companies and the organization that is representing me says they have been successful in helping their clients claim back their stolen investments. I am only a few days into the process, but feeling hopeful.

    Hi everyone

    Okane, you recommended a few binary companies but I am feeling a bit suspicious as I have read some concerning reviews about 24Option. I also read an article that suggests that not all binary is a scam investment, but that binary "brokers" are the red flag. The legal organization I have been working with has advised me to stay away from all binary. I just want to be safe for my next investment. Thoughts?
    Well, I have lots of people in my group using different brokers. No one has issues withdrawing from Ayrex and 24Option.
    IQOption has some complaints, lowering payouts or blocking entries. All brokers have some issues but just make sure you don't listen to account managers. There is a conflict of interest there. I would only choose a regulated broker, for me 24Option is the best, never had withdrawal issues and I know many people using them. Ayrex is not Cysec regulated but at least all my students are getting their payouts.
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    Thanks for your advice Okane. I am a little wary and I think it is going to take me some time to trust; perhaps I will stay away from trading for a while.
    I have just managed to win my legal case against Arbi-trade through an organization called Money Back Lawer. I have learned so much through this process, and definitely going to be much more careful from now on.

    Sure. Always do proper due diligence before investing in anything :) - sometimes we all learn the hard way!
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