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Open Warning to all spammers, scammers and SEO/marketers posting here.



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    ashik240521ashik240521 Posts: 1
    good product
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    madujith125madujith125 Posts: 1
    I was scammed by I was approached by an account manager through Instagram. She was promoting this investment option of investing $300 with her company's platform ( and that returns will be upto $3900 after a week.

    I wanted to trial this, and went for the minimum investment of $300.

    after a week, I received an email from 360 Binary team that around $6800 profits have been made and they would require a payment of $840 (approx. 16% of the profits I have earned).

    I refused to pay this and I asked them to deduct from the profits.

    they responded to me stating that they do not like to use the client's profits for the sending fees (which was absurd) and that its against their company policy.

    then somehow I managed to get to an agreement for them to send $1000 worth profits - however they requested me to send $200 as transfer fees (which was again without any logic, but I paid this in order to trial)

    all amounts transferred as bitcoin between me and the agents bitcoin address.

    after I send this $200; the company wrote to me stating that they are having issues in doing a bitcoin transfer to my bitcoin address due to signaling issues - and they need another payment of $280 to upgrade my account.

    I stopped all transactions since it was evident that this was a scam.

    so my intention is to warn all the traders to be mindful when dealing with owing to the charges they render upon you without any guarantee of giving back profits. In my opinion and through my experience, they are a scam.

    I'm attaching all the email communications for reference only.

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    The_Geek_MHThe_Geek_MH Posts: 860 mod
    Thank you , good for you, knowing it was a scam and stopping
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    AnthoniqAnthoniq Posts: 1
    Stay away from They are not traders. They ask for money through Bitcoin Wallet or Skrill and they don't send nothing back.They sell illusions, they are thieves.They ask for money to multiply them and they never send something back. STAY AWAY from this site!!! SCAM!
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    MrZg100MrZg100 Posts: 2


    Bitcryptomania. com.. Does anyone have experience working with them? I work with them and have problem with withdraw my money

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