STAY AWAY FROM WWW.BINARYBOOK.COM !! Their platform is rigged !!



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    @davidsharpe2020 - nice try putting your sneaky "wallstreetgenerators" link inside the quote. Next time you will be banned. Consider this a warning.
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    I am not different than any looser here in my beginning days. Without any knowledge I started Binary. But I read few reviews and stick to minimum investment of $250. Every broker tried to influence me in investing more but I stick to rule 1. I tried auto trader software nothing worked. All good and positive information in internet is advertisement. Nothing is real no one is really helping. It's all Fraud. Slowly I realized about this and fed up being part of this fraud. But someone I am addicted to this and keep trying without knowing whats the end results.

    I can't believe myself that I am withdrawing profits. Still the questions is HOW? Am I lucky? I don't know how long I can do this? Do not think this will work for you and start binary. I will say NO to binary as everyone is NOT lucky.
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