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STAY AWAY FROM WWW.BINARYBOOK.COM !! Their platform is rigged !!

smallb1979smallb1979 Posts: 1
Don't ever use their service , is a rigged platform , and you can forget about taking your money back , if you want prove , please e-mail me , I'm new to this platform so I don't know how to operate it yet !!


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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    Stay away from unregulated brokers...
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    impatiencesliceimpatienceslice Posts: 3
    They are not too trusted I've found 6/10 -ve reviews and also from analytic point of view they don't seem supportive instead of putting money here one should put it in a trusted broker.
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    santorissantoris Posts: 1
    so who are the trusted brokers out there? they are just too many like swarm of flies on newbies like us. Promising profits & wonders only to abandon you one you've deposited into your account. Anyone ever tried the Metabot software trading machine? pls advice thanks
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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    edited July 2015
    santoris said:

    so who are the trusted brokers out there?

    For a full list of brokers evaluated by have a look at:
    As you can see from my signature, MarketsWorld gets my vote too.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
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    Auto-Traders are as close to getting good performance as you will find. Using a company like "Signal Rush" or "Signal>Push" where traders of good caliber share their trades with you is the only way I would go. Trying to use a LINEAR BOT LOGIC on the market is never going to give you results much beyond break even for long and in most cases will only serve to EMPTY your account as quickly as possible... I would stay away from all BOTS as they will never perform anywhere near what a well performing human can even if the human has many bots/automated systems they use. The point is they know how to use them and like a kid with a gun if not used properly can end up often with one less kid...
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    dean8499dean8499 Posts: 3
    I can definitely concur. This site and company are scam artists. A friend of min e has invested thousands with them and now cant withdraw it out. STAY AWAY!!!!
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    dean8499dean8499 Posts: 3
    Absolute scam site do not give binary book any money because you will lose it. I did so take it from me. A guy called David Brandon conned me out of a lot of money. So believe me when I tell you its scam

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    cholinccholinc Posts: 1
    Yes It is a Scam. I made a deposit of $250 and it didn't go through so lady named Lucie Owens called me and told me that i can deposit over the phone. She said they are running a promotion if I deposit $501 US Dollars I will get $250 Bonus. So, I deposit $501. I never got a Bonus. I filled out all the compliance forms so i can withdrawal my money and they keep playing email tag. I just want to get my money back. They will NOT give your money back you have to file a dispute with your Credit Card company. After dispute process they tried to credit my credit card $393.40 NOT what I deposit. I deposit $501.00 after all that process still no calls from them I am still waiting on my full amount I deposit. They are the worst ones. Don't use them.
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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin
    Hi Cholinc - sorry to hear that. You should file a CHARGEBACK with your credit card company and there is a list of trusted binary options brokers on this page:
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    dean8499dean8499 Posts: 3
    edited January 2016
    I tried the £250 trial with BINARYBOOK to see whether it was true or not that you could make the money they were promising. The next day I was contacted by one of their Brokers Called David Brandon. He filled me with plenty of lies about how much money he would make me and that I would never have to pay for utilities again as I would make so much money. He then added thousands of pounds of bonus payments to my account which looked great, but it never belongs to you, nor will you ever get your hands on it!! It was only when I tried to draw money out that I became suspicious. They don’t like you taking money back out as they use your money to make them profits. This broker pestered me every day with promises of CERTAIN gains which never materialised. It’s a total scam and please do not be fooled into investing like I was! Currently I have lost £7660. Like I always told people, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"!! They are also not regulated by anybody so you will have no recourse when you want to file a complaint. That’s how they are getting away with it. Please be very careful about these Binary Options because very few of them are legitimate. Hope this helps

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    ninja_bodotnetninja_bodotnet Posts: 232 admin

    This behavior is typical of these scam companies. They will give you a bonus so you would never see the money because of some BS small print that they obviously don't tell you about. I contacted an attorney in the UK who deals a lot with binary and forex fraud. He rescued most of my stolen funds. Shoot me a direct mail so i can give you the details of the law firm. he is not overly pricey but it's worth it to see your money back. I didn't get all of it back but some is better than nothing.

    There are many scam services that purport to help traders get their money back, I hope you are not promoting one of them.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    These guys are real active today, including attacking BSB/SIgnal HIVE... I have noted the pattern of traffic.. Funny enough the last guy was from Israel and gee does that not make sense.
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    richard78richard78 Posts: 1
    WSB Investment Ltd t/a has been served with a Winding Up Petition in the High Court in London. The Solicitors undertaking the Winding Up are Selachii LLP of 96 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4SG. The Winding Up Petition has now been advertised in the London Gazette here:-

    The Hearing in the High Court is on the 8th February 2016. ANY customers/clients/investors are encouraged to contact Selachii LLP ( to notify their interest in this petition as a creditor as soon as possible and certainly no later than 4pm on Friday 5th February 2016.

    If you are aware of anyone who has money invested at, please make them aware of this message.
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    They did 7 trades without consent. Blamed Auto Signal, Asked for IP address didn't match mine. Refused refund! So hit their Facebook page, twitter feed, Google Plus account with transcripts of emails. Got blocked from all sites, still doing it under different log in's. Contacted Selachii LLP now on creditors list for court
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    If you have had a bad experience with I have set up a Facebook page Put your comments up in public
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    john89oningjohn89oning Posts: 15
    Wow, good to know! I will not be using their services!
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    AbleterhatAbleterhat Posts: 1
    edited January 2016
    I had a bad experience with the support department regarding their way of assisting me. I've traded with this broker for quite a while. At first, I didn’t know much about options trading and I just had this perception that it was a quick way to make money. So, I decided to open an account with them, investing £800 ONLY. I wasn’t going to gamble big and put a lot of money on it.

    But somewhere down the line things went wrong, I lost my initial investment without even knowing how. I contacted BinaryBook and asked how could that be possible. One of the guy there told me that I was trading on assets that weren’t really performing well on the markets. That’s when I realised that I still didn’t know much and the reason to why I lost my investment. Therefore, I asked him how do I trade better and be more successful? He explained that I should spend some time in their learning section on their website and familiarize myself with it.

    Days later, after gaining much more knowledge about Binary Options, I tried it again by investing £500 and apply everything I could gather. Even apply my small strategies from my own research and analysis. Starting with small trades of $25 dollars and worked my way up. Without any hesitation or flattering, today my account is sitting on £3,085. Of course, I have not yet performed any withdrawals.

    Even though I am now trading successfully, I had to ask myself that If I could win, why are there still a number of BinaryBook complaints where people are not satisfied with this broker? I took the initiative to read numerous reviews and one in particular site, which is known to analyze and test the reliability and legitimacy of brokers, released a and it caught my eyes about what they found out regarding Binary Book. Is that I am a complete scammer trying to promote them and I won't do that anymore!
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    OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    I have found Binarybook working with several autotrader scam providers. For example, Push Button Salary (scam).

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    pn23pn23 Posts: 1
    I joined unknowenly with Binary Book via Michael Freeman's signals. What a dissappointment! Suddely your number is disrtibuted to Tom Dick & Harry, receive phone call's at 3AM etc. Then the main Expert will try to convince you to deposit more money. The bad part is tryng to get your money out of this people. I tried since 3rd Jan 2016, not successful! If you want to lose your money, that is the sure way to go. Tried to get hold of Michael Freeman, not successful yet. My problem is the following....why don't he blacklist this scam's on his web? Makes you think...! Why does he even use this platform...?
    I am looking with a different set of eyes at Michael, with disappointment.
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    LondonRealLondonReal Posts: 1
    If you managed to find reviews of Binary Book I'm hoping that you will take heed of all those who have shared their experiences. If you have worked hard and value your money, please please do not depart with any of it and give it to Binary Book. My short story all in one month of March 2016 is a painful reminder that one needs to exercise due diligence in any financial matter.

    I initially wanted to try and test the robot Social Tech Trader. After signing up I was directed to use the broker Binary Book where I deposited £300. I was later contacted and sold the idea that the Robot does not work very well and that I should allow them to trade for me and make lots of money. The idea sounded great until I was told I would need to add another £4700 where they would add a bonus and use it only for margin only. On hearing these kind of figures I made it crystal clear that I only wanted to try out the Social Tech Trader robot as that was my original idea. Binary Book are very pushy and treat your money as though it’s nothing and there should not be any fear as they have lots of satisfied customers who are getting handsome returns. Well after a lengthy conversation I agreed to them trading for me with the £300. I got the biggest shock when I checked my bank account and saw a debit of £4700. I was furious to put it lightly and I managed to speak to a supervisor. I expressed it was no less than fraud what they have done and I demand a full refund immediately. Well on 21/03/2016 I saw that Binary Book refunded £4720. I phoned and inquired about the rest of the money as I was £280 short. You wouldn’t believe that I was told that I had incurred fees of £25 + £5 for processing and to top it all because I did not trade and have a turnover of £200 I would be charged 10% tariff. I was told that it’s all in their terms and conditions. As far as they were concerned my account is now closed. I found it extremely difficult to explain again and again that my situation did not fall neatly into the T&C as £4700 should have never been taking in the first place. I stated that I am being treated unfairly and to charge me £250 when I never made no trades is daylight robbery. Binary Book will never treat you as a valued customer only waiting to pounce and devour your money. Be Aware fellow traders. By the way their maths sucks 10% of £5000 does not add up to £280 so goodness knows who runs their finance department.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2016
    Simple file a CHARGEBACK on the remaining funds with your credit card company... Services like this are going to become increasingly popular in the future thankfully. So check them out I recommend any firm that wants to go after the brokers for you lol..!fpa/u4vy1

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    zeb65zeb65 Posts: 1
    well yes i must agree here i have tried with these and i got a call today saying about the £5000 investment now why would i want to give someone that sort of money that i don't even know £250 is bad enough, although i haven't traded yet they have my funds which i proberly will try and get back i will fill you in on the out come soon. ps the the funny thing is i went through copy buffett and got these so somewhere its a scam, also while i'm here i'm also with binadroid who gave me a broker banc de binary which are regulated but the thing on that now i cant trade with binadroid as the app don't work
    so now waiting for binadroid to email me, please don't do what i did and play untill you practice and know what your doing as you can make some money but go with a regulated broker you have more rights
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    maharnackmaharnack Posts: 1

    Don't ever use their service , is a rigged platform , and you can forget about taking your money back , if you want prove , please e-mail me , I'm new to this platform so I don't know how to operate it yet !!

    I am having the same problem with them. They promised risk-free trades but replaced my lost capital with bonus money that requires 30x it's face value in additional trades to convert to real money. They replaced about $6,100 of my $13,250 account with this funny money. How can I get involved with the lawsuit and should I try to liquidate immediately? I am a US citizen, but I live in mainland China.
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    There are a bunch of people who recently emailed me all kinds of articles by "The Times of Israel" seems there is a large coalition building to find and end the scam brokers there along with different groups coming together to make this happen. One of them is "Gabriele Giambrone" who is going after several companies. You can read the article below, sure seems like PAYBACK is on its way... This will be good for whole binary options industry imo. Was only a matter of time...
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    bilweborebilwebore Posts: 3
    How Do Binary Brokers Make Their Money?

    Simple: they win when you lose! It’s a given that around 85% of traders lose in the binary market. It’s a fact that was proven from hard data. That means on 85% of all the trades a broker handles, they make money. You’re basically playing against the house (the broker) instead of against players (the other traders).
    Of course, that makes it easy for the broker to pay the few winning traders by taking a small part of the money the losing traders lost, give it to the winning traders and keep the rest for themselves. As you can imagine, this is a very lucrative business once the ball gets rolling!

    The bad, or plain ugly

    As we all know, there are some really shady brokers out there. Their simple rule is: take you for everything they can get their hands on, and run.
    To them, making money from you isn’t about ethics, it’s about gathering your trust until they can get you to deposit a lot of money. Once you have done so, radio silence is in order and you can bet you won’t see much of that money again.
    The tricks they use are plenty, but the most common is the deposit bonus. They basically promise you a 500-600% deposit bonus up to $2,000. So you go for it, as it seems like a good deal. Unfortunately they don’t tell you this bonus will lock your funds until you’ve traded for as much as 50 times the amount of money you’ve deposited (so here $100,000).
    The idea is obviously that until you get to that amount of money traded, you’ll have gone broke or plainly decided it wasn’t worth it.

    Now there are ways to check your brokers accreditation. Stick with regulated brokers!

    Main Regulatory Organizations:
    ASIC (Review of ASIC) – Australia Securities and Investment Commission (Australia)
    CySec (Review of CySec) – Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus)
    NFA (Review of NFA) – National Futures Association (United States)
    CFTC (Review of CFTC) – Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (United States)
    FCA (Review of FCA) – Financial Conduct Authority (United Kingdom)
    FSP (Review of FSP) – Financial Service Providers (New Zealand)


    This new scam seems to be quite complicated. It involves crooked brokers, Binary Option (BO) review sites and a sudden upwelling of auto trading systems, claiming to make you tons of money every day.

    Safe Income

    to name a few.

    Now I cannot say anything yet about Safe Income because I have not tried them. However, I have tried both Binadroid and CopyBuffet. Both are at the top of the charts for being honest, credible and both get tons of great reviews. Yeah...............great reviews, but that is part of the problem!

    All of the review sites make their money by affiliate marketing. There are hundreds of review sites! Yeah they warn you about bad scams, but as part of that review they recommend that you use regulated brokers or a particular broker they trust, or trading software. They have a link to each of these, an “affiliate” link! An affiliate link means they are representatives for that site, product, broker etc. Every time someone uses their link to go and buy the product, or sign up with that broker, or auto trader, THEY GET PAID for sending people to these sites! The more people they get to the sites, who join, buy, sign up, the higher level of their pay from these sites.

    Now as far as the review sites go when Binadroid and CopyBuffet are seemingly making people tons of money, it is to their benefit to highly promote these auto traders. They almost never allow negative posts! Particularly BinaryOptionWatchdog. They refused to post my negative results. When I complained to them about their posting rules, they ignored me! Posting negative reviews can reduce the number of people who use their affiliate link and therefore they lose potential income.

    Now let’s put this altogether. I will use my personal results to explain and prove my allegations.

    I signed up with Binadroid in March, 2016. The review sites tell you that you can choose your broker. However, not all countries have that option! In the US there is only one broker available.............Binary Book. They are located in the United Kingdom, and are not regulated by CySEC nor by CFTC in the US! After complaining about my results Binadroid told me weeks ago that they would have a new US a few days! Never happened!

    So my results using Binadroid were:

    54 trades
    20 wins
    34 losses
    = 37% win rate The last 6 trades were all LOSSES!

    As well, I have been in contact with other US Binadroiders. All got stuck with Binary Book! All lost money.

    So we have a non regulated broker, multiple people losing using Binary
    Book and review sites refusing to post negative reviews! You do the math, so to speak! SCAM AND FRAUD!

    Now about CopyBuffet.

    I signed up with CopyBuffet in early April, got set up with Morton Finance. Morton Finance has only been In operation since September 2015 and is not regulated. See the pattern?

    See for further details.

    In part they write:
    “ Morton Finance does not allow traders to use any automated trading software.

    Their terms and conditions say;
    18.2 If you integrate an automated or semi-automated device on the Morton Finance browser or platform in lieu of your personal interaction or utilize a backdoor API; we will consider your activity system abuse and we will nullify your position or cancel your account with Morton Finance.”

    This means that if you have incredible luck, and actually make money using Copy Buffett or BinaDroid your account will be cancelled and you will not get your money back!

    So why did CopyBuffet set me up with them? Because they don’t care about me or anybody else! Now check out my results via CopyBuffet/Morton Finance:

    Friday April 15, 2014 Morton Finance. (My first time trading)

    -Only EUR/USD was traded. No other pairs were possible?
    -All four trades were made exactly 1 hour apart, almost to the second!

    It is statistically impossible for an automated system, looking supposedly for 95% sure wins, to only pick one specific BO pair and trade exactly one hour apart!

    -All were one minute trades!

    This is BS. One BO pair, EUR/USD, was set up on a timer to trade one hour apart!
    Obviously designed for me to lose!

    I tried one more time, on Monday April 18, 2014. Can you guess what I got?

    Same exact thing. EUR/USD, and notice the time 16:18:25! Exactly like Friday!

    Folks these are the facts! I welcome you to comment or tell me about your experience with these so called auto traders!

    Their are only two ways to actually make money yourself in binary options,

    Develop an affiliate review website and start your own scamming! Or
    Learn how to trade on your own!

    Email me at: I, unlike them, have nothing to hide!
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    grndcommgrndcomm Posts: 4
    Bilwebore, Well said, as I also signed up with Copy Buffett after seeing numerous favorable reviews. I knew it was an auto trader but some on YouTube were using the 10 minute signal for manual trading. I had a demo account and traded ten 90% plus picks from CB. 2 winners and 8 losers. So next I did opposite of CB signal and came out 4 wins and 6 losers. I would have been close to same results by flipping a coin. CB assigned me Glenridge Capital. I have not had any problems with them and they have sent me the withdrawal process which seems fair. As you likely know, after 30 days CB will want 5% of any winnings from Glenridge. Glenridge required $300 to setup account. It is sitting around $200 now as I actually did some CB trades. I am looking for another signal source and seriously considering UpDown even though it is a pay service. Also another will look for another broker. I will never sign up for a signal service that REQUIRES me to use their assigned broker. I try to learn from my mistakes and CB was a big one.
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    leadgateleadgate Posts: 1
    <binarybook .com is still trading as of Friday 20th May despite the winding up order. in the past six weeks they have taken £30K from me. I wish i had found this site before I used them. The reason for the winding up order was insolvency so how can they be allowed to take money from people when they know they cannot pay out on gains made - surely that is fraud?
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    RaidenRaiden Posts: 186 ✭✭
    Master all does that mean?
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    lotzofbotzlotzofbotz Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭✭
    What it means is he is a spammer from who has one of the worst reputations in the industry and are being sued up the ___...
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    BondanPascaBondanPasca Posts: 1
    edited June 2016
    I had a terrible experience with Binarybook. I now wonder why was I so stupid and not read some reviews before I make a deposit. Somehow I was scammed into signing up to binarybook by an automated software, Virtnext ( DO NOT SIGN UP WITH Virtnext UNLESS YOU WANT TO LOSE ALL YOUR DEPOSITED MONEY.

    No later than 3 minutes after creating my account, someone named Lea Joyce called me like 10 times so I said wth, I will answer. By a subtle chat, she somehow made me to make a deposit of a minimum 250 EUR (she tried to convince me for more based on the idea that if I can deposit 250, I should better try with at least another 100 EUR more). Because I wanted to evaluate the automated software and the broker, I considered it's not a big loss and moved on with the deposit.

    Later on, I have screen captures with the autotradings, with 9 losses and 8 wins in a day (25 EUR per trade). Therefore I concluded that virtnext is not a good opportunity for me - or for anyone else I dare saying!

    As my account dropped to 160 EUR, I said to myself, OK... this is as far as I can go, any further will make me lose everything.

    Then some Kate Williams called me, asked me how my trades are going, what is my trading experience, etc. She said that she has some fantastic opportunities on Dinsney about to open a new theme park in China on June 16th, Amazon is working on some product like youtube, and that Apple has a target of some millions devices to be sold until September. For a great income, she tried to convince me that it's a fantastic moment to enter the market, and only required me to start on a small amount, at least 5.000 EUR. At this point I was starting to feel scammed. OK, BinaryBook, I have made a small minimum deposit, but going really that high to ask, from 250 to 5.000, is a little bit doubtful. At this moment I considered myself very happy that I was not so desperate after a quick huge winning, like most gamblers that unfortunately get scammed.

    I told her 250 EUR is the maximum I can afford at the time. Some guy Daniel-something then took over the conversation, told me that he had listened all the conversation until then and that he is the manager, and he'll be straight and fair telling me no bullshit. A long conversation followed, that took place EXACTLY as the scene in "Wolf of Wall Street" if you remember, where Leonardo was showing his team how to scam a customer, with nice persuasive words while giving him both middle fingers. At points I felt he was holding laughs but not his team, who was laughing in background. He told me that he wants to squeeze my account of every last penny for this absolutely most awesome ever trade, and I said NO, and he said he will attempt to make a 5.000 deposit from my card, and if it gets declined, he will show his boss that I don't have enough money and proceed with my leftovers from the trades - 160 EUR. REALLY? :)) So, 5000 works the same as 160 ? I refused. Whatever, after a while I said "as far as I am concerned, I don't want to make more deposits and the conversation is over", he was visibly irritated and started to call me names, he told me that I am a loser and I will be a loser all my life etc. And then he hung up. The call took 53 minutes, and it was a psychological fight, really!

    At this point I was determined, it was the point of no return and I could not take more. So I decided to withdraw the leftovers of 160 EUR. A new adventure started here. Finding the withdrawal section was not easy - you have to go to Deposit and find the Withdrawal link there. No options, just a text box and a button. I submitted 160 EUR, clicked Withdraw, and saw in my History that the Withdraw is PENDING. On the live chat I find out that my "expert broker", Kate Williams, must have a phone conversation with me to confirm the withdrawal. I received a few more calls from "brokers" - female voices. I told each one of them from the beginning that I only want to withdraw and end amiable, and care about nothing else. They didn't even want to hear about that, and kept saying "let's reinvest that in a few more trades bla bla". 5 or 6 phone calls later, I wrote them on the live chat that if i don't get my withdrawal confirmed, I will pursuit into legal actions against them. 5 minutes later, the withdraw was confirmed, and they told me I have to wait up to 10 business days to get the money onto my credit card.

    Today was day 1 of my experience with Binary Book, and day 1 of Business Days to return my leftovers.
    Actually, in about 30 minutes I will have 24hours from my signup.

    Hopefully, I will get to see those 160 EUR back into my account soon.

    CONCLUSION: Do NOT subscribe OR deposit money with Binary Book. They will persuade you to invest more and more, giving nothing back, and they are HIGHLY trained to do that. Better be dissapointed that you haven't tried it (as many here say), than be poor or lose money and time for nothing.

    Please take these guide lines if you want to get some income and have no idea about binary trading:

    1. NEVER SUBSCRIBE TO ANY AUTOMATED SOFTWARE. NONE OF THEM. You will most likely lose all your money. All are making some sort of predictions that the trend will go up or down, based on charts, but it's impossible for a machine or human to know exactly where an asset will be at a given time. The videos you see on youtube with people winning from automated software, are scams with links in their video or descriptions including their affiliate name. In other words, you click to subscribe, and they make profit for nothing from your deposits. Needless to say that all the videos you see online with people making HUGE profits, are, by default, SCAMS. No money, and no HUGE money comes without hard work.

    2. DON'T TRADE WITH YOUR HEART. If you know nothing about binary options, trends, charts etc, and you trade with EMOTION rather than LOGIC, take a break, breathe and come back to the computer. Never spend all day on trades. And at last, if you feel this is not really for you, quit before you lose all your money.

    3. DO NOT BE GREEDY. The smallest amount of greed WILL make you lose the trade. I have a great broker software now, which I use to learn and _maybe_ get some income in the future. By myself, I won 1050 EUR while investing 100, using a Martingale strategy starting from 3 EUR per trade (then 7, 16 35 and so on, in case the trade was lost), but because I was greedy, I lost it all, and made another 600 EUR deposit which I lost (I still have 10 EUR to play with). Nevertheless, I made some other deposits, like 100-150 EUR, and withdrawn them while winning, but still losing all the income, because of greed. I can tell you what is my broker but I won't type it here because really I don't want to advertise it. They have great trading software (desktop and mobile), and Withdrawals take place in 3-4 business days, no questions asked, and tested - they have card, skrill, bank transfer (for 50 EUR comission). Actually, I have not spoken to any broker from their company. Perhaps they saw I keep on losing and assigned a broker to me, but never changed words with him yet. No persuasion at all.

    4. USE ANY TOOL AVAILABLE TO PREDICT THE ASSET YOURSELF. In my beginner opinion, the TREND is your main help. Follow it with care and don't bet on Turbo with expiry shorter than 2 minutes. Other useful indicators are Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD and Stochastic oscillator. They are helpful but cannot be used in single combinations. Together they all give good signs to good traders.

    5. TRADING ON LONGER PERIODS IS SAFER. Trade on longer periods (10-15 minutes at least) and lock trades with counter trades (eg, if you have a 10 EUR trade and it's losing, place another trade in the opposite direction equal to the profit, eg 8.40 EUR). It's called RISK MANAGEMENT. Never forget that LESS or LITTLE is BETTER than NOTHING (or a lost trade).
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