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STAY AWAY FROM WWW.BINARYBOOK.COM !! Their platform is rigged !!



  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    edited August 2017
    @davidsharpe2020 - nice try putting your sneaky "wallstreetgenerators" link inside the quote. Next time you will be banned. Consider this a warning.
  • BinaryLife82BinaryLife82 Posts: 1
    I am not different than any looser here in my beginning days. Without any knowledge I started Binary. But I read few reviews and stick to minimum investment of $250. Every broker tried to influence me in investing more but I stick to rule 1. I tried auto trader software nothing worked. All good and positive information in internet is advertisement. Nothing is real no one is really helping. It's all Fraud. Slowly I realized about this and fed up being part of this fraud. But someone I am addicted to this and keep trying without knowing whats the end results.

    I can't believe myself that I am withdrawing profits. Still the questions is HOW? Am I lucky? I don't know how long I can do this? Do not think this will work for you and start binary. I will say NO to binary as everyone is NOT lucky.
  • OkaneOkane Posts: 1,282 admin
    BinaryLife. So what's your story got to do with BinaryBook? Yes, robots and autotraders are all scams but were you scammed by BinaryBook?
    Your comments sounds strange... just like a spammer.
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